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Vocational Scholarship Program

  • 2016/01/06

Over 50% of Bali’s unemployed are senior high school graduates, lacking in appropriate skills and employment opportunities; with most coming from poor families. Thus, we believe education and employment are essential to break this cycle of poverty.

Since 2004 to date, more than 900 under-privileged students of year 1-12 benefit from YKIP’s KEMBALI Scholarship Program and 254 of them have graduated high schools. However, the opportunity to continue their education through our University Scholarship Program is very limited as it is only given to the academically outstanding high school graduates; only 16 scholarships awarded from 2009. There is also a consideration on the timing. To most of these high school graduates, it is a matter of urgency to dive into the workforce and make a living straight after graduation in order to support their families. To spend four years in the university hardly seems realistic or appealing to them. Besides, if we consider the education cost; in comparison, the cost of sponsoring 1 university student can cover the cost of sponsoring 3-4 students for a one-year certified vocational course.

Based on these considerations, we have initiated Vocational Scholarship for a wider and quicker impact. The goal (long-term objective) of this program is to contribute to the reduction of unemployment/underemployment rate in Bali by providing a scholarship for the economically disadvantaged high school graduates to acquire a one-year vocational diploma degree. By equipping the senior high school graduates with skills required for commonly available jobs, they will be expected to be fit to compete in the workforce and increase their opportunities in earning a decent livelihood.

Please click to learn more about this program.

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