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  • 2020/02/11

Is child sponsorship an effective way to help?

Yes. By sponsoring a child, you help bring long-term changes to the life of the child and their family, reduce the number of children dropping out of school due to their family financial hardship, and provide the opportunity for the child to create a better life for themselves. We encourage students by awarding the high achievers and motivating them to keep their grades to a high standard.

What does it mean to sponsor a child?

Your support enables YKIP to provide benefits to a child by paying for uniforms, shoes, socks, school supplies (school bags, writing books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, drawing books, sharpeners, dictionaries, etc.), vitamins, practicum and extracurricular allowances, transport allowance, workbook allowance, school fees, and enrolment fees (for students who continue onto junior and senior high school).

How does YKIP ensure that the sponsorship positively affects students’ lives?

In planning, implementing and evaluating its work, YKIP staff continually monitors the progress of the students and their families, including the students’ academic achievement and the families’ economic position. KEMBALI scholarship programs are regularly checked against their goals and objectives. Questions asked include:

  • What is the hardship of the family?
  • What will happen to the potential student if there is no scholarship awarded?
  • Is he or she attending school?
  • Is he or she maintaining consistent marks every semester?
  • What is the student’s plan after graduating?
  • What happens within the year after the student graduates high school?

How are children chosen for sponsorship?

YKIP staff work with social welfare and education agency offices, as well as schools, in retrieving data of families who live in poverty. The local leaders and communities are also asked to provide a list of needy children, which is verified by our staff. The scholarship criteria are as follows:

The minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required for potential sponsored students are 65/100 for elementary school and 70/100 for junior and senior high school.

Economic disadvantages based on parents/family situation, by considering their:

  • Assets (land/home ownership, physical condition of house, vehicle ownership and number of vehicles owned)
  • Utilities (access to water and electricity, sanitation facilities)
  • Annual spending on clothes, food, and health needs
  • Total monthly income of the family
  • Total dependants in the family (children of school age and elderly members)
  • Documentation/recommendation from the government and/or local leader supporting family status

Location, since KEMBALI operations are currently based in six Bali Districts: Badung, Denpasar, Gianyar, Karangasem, Buleleng, and Bangli, thus the children are required to domicile and attend schools inside our working areas.

Disability, YKIP also gives priority to disabled students who attend school as part of the sponsorship program.

What happens if the student fails to keep the minimum grades?

To foster the student’s value of hard work and commitment to their education, while considering the fact that there are so many disadvantaged students to be supported; YKIP requires a minimum school grade for the students to achieve during the scholarship period. The minimum school grade is an average of 6.2 for an elementary school student and a 6.5 for a junior and senior high school student. The sponsorship is discontinued if a student fails to achieve the minimum grade and those who achieve the minimum and above, will be rewarded with the continuation of support.

Other circumstances for a student to drop out of the program and leave school are:

  • The family shows evidence of a significant increase in wealth (displayed by newly acquired assets such as a motorcycle or house construction/improvement)
  • The student’s education costs are sufficiently covered by full or partial scholarships received from other scholarship providers
  • The student has disciplinary problems at school and/or has poor study habits
  • The family changes domicile and/or school location (moves to an area outside KEMBALI’s base of operations)
  • The student gets married
  • The student obtains full-time employment

Sponsors will be notified if their sponsored child is no longer supported by the program. In that case, if donors would like to sponsor another child, we will find a replacement child and therefore your donation will be used to support the replacement child in the following school year. Or if you have more than one child, the remaining fee will be credited to your account upon renewal. In order to cover operation costs, the following will be applied:

  • Student drops out in semester 1 – 25% of the scholarship is deducted from your contribution
  • Student drops out in semester 2 – 50% of the scholarship is deducted from your contribution

What can a sponsor expect to receive from YKIP and from their sponsored child during the course of one year?

Within two weeks after processing your contribution, you will receive an official receipt of sponsorship from YKIP. We will find a potential student as requested by you and notify you as soon as we have found a suitable candidate. During the sponsorship period, you will receive your sponsored child’s annual report card and newsletters from YKIP.

Can I write to the child?

Yes, you can write to your sponsored child through YKIP. Once we receive your letter, we will acknowledge receipt by sending you an email. YKIP will then translate your letter and deliver it to the child, and translate the child’s letter when he/she replies to you. Sometimes children will make a drawing for their sponsors. Being received such a special gift from the child, YKIP will scan and send this to you also.

How long does a reply from the child normally take?

On average, the response does take time, normally about 2 to 3 months. Long distances and remote locations can cause slow communication. YKIP also needs to do the translation. So please be patient and feel free to send us an email at or call our office at +62 (361) 9378047 to see if a reply has been received from your sponsored child.

Can I bring gifts to the child and her/his family?

Yes, gifts are welcomed. Upon request, we can send you suggestions for appropriate gifts for your sponsored child. Small items/gifts are strongly recommended to avoid discrimination and jealousy from other children and their families who do not receive gifts. Large volume gift donations will be distributed collectively, instead of individually, e.g. to remote communities, orphanages, or kindergartens.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes! YKIP will organize the visit and appoint an officer to accompany you. YKIP encourages such visits as they enable you to connect with the child, the family, and the community first hand. Sponsors who have visited their sponsored child often enjoy a more fulfilling experience as they see how their sponsorship has enriched the lives of the child as well as families in the community. There is no extra fee involved during a sponsor visit. A YKIP officer will help you overcome any language barriers, as well as assist you to fulfil any expectations you may have during your visit.

YKIP protects the safety and interests of the children and yourself as a sponsor. YKIP reserves the right to reject any visit request in the event that the visitor’s motives appear questionable.

How long do I need to sponsor a child

Sponsors need to commit to at least one year of schooling. It is our wish that sponsors are committed to seeing the child through to Grade 12. This is aligned with the program’s mission, to deliver students to the key milestone of working their way out of poverty, which is graduating high school.

What are the costs?

Click here to view more details about sponsorship rates based on each school level. You will notice the costs for Grade 7 and 10 students are more expensive than other grades. In Indonesia, when a student goes into Grade 7 and 10, there is an extra allocated enrolment fee for a building fee levy. This building fee pays for repairs, equipment, and supplies that are not provided directly by the government. Generally, the funds received from the government are insufficient to cover what is required. This is one of the main reasons why children do not continue to secondary school as many families cannot afford the fees.

How much of this is for administration?

YKIP’s administration fee is 15% in average of the total education cost. The KEMBALI program is very high maintenance because YKIP staff personally hand out all the supplies and funds to the children and schools. The administration fee covers items such as communication costs, transportation, documentation, and photocopying. The administration fee also assists YKIP to raise public awareness about YKIP programs and YKIP also holds annual career day events for the Grade 12 students in December.

How do I go about sponsoring a child?

Please click here to get and complete the 2020/2021 YKIP Sponsorship Form. The form contains several donation options regarding your sponsorship preference and payment methods. We highly recommend you support the junior and senior high school students as their school fees are unaffordable to poor families in Bali. The 'How to Donate' section in the YKIP website will provide you with the necessary information about the payment methods, including if you wish to proceed with the payment via PayPal. You are more than welcome to contact us anytime with any questions you may have regarding your sponsorship plan by writing us an email at

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